Alex Mahan

Front-end development & occasionally design

Principal developer at Instrument

Techniques: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, data, browsers, Sketch, wireframes, blink tags
Considerations: content, context, people, accessibility, white space, jokes


  • Google Fi — A different kind of phone plan, from Google
  • Environmental Insights Explorer — Explore estimated carbon emissions and customize results
  • [REDACTED] — New website for an Alphabet company
  • Grow with Google — Training, tools, and events to help you grow your skills, career, or business
  • YouTube Jobs — New careers site for YouTube
  • [SECRET] — internal project for Google
  • Unfiltered.News — Topics and places the world is reporting on right now
  • Perspective API — Site for Jigsaw’s online conversation project
  • Stumptown Coffee — Commerce in Spree & Contentful for Portland’s eminent coffee roaster
  • Google I/O 2015 — I/O Developer Conference experiment
  • Google Docs/Sheets/Slides — Promotional pages for Google’s collaborative editing tools

Personal & Freelance Projects